7 Quick Steps to Create Your Own Blog - If you are currently planning to start a blog but still don't know what steps you should take in your blog, here I will provide 7 quick and easy steps to help you have your own blog so that your blog can grow into a success s blog.

Steps to Make a Successful Blogger Blog

The steps I will mention below are the ones you must follow if you want to be serious about blogging and be successful, because many people make money from blogging easily and make a lot of money just because of hearing or reading various articles. , they flock to start blogs and fail, then spend a year blogging without even making a penny from their already running blogs.

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Here are 7 steps to owning your own blog:

Follow these 7 steps to start owning your own blog, the following steps are very important, if you really do everything right then your blog will be successful and can Make money from blogging this.

1. Theme or Niche: The first thing you need to decide is which topics will be discussed later in the blog. By understanding the topic or niche before starting a blog, you'll find an initial focus to determine the domain name, design philosophy, or even blogging platform and hosting service that matches your blogging needs.

Also, by knowing your favorite segment and getting to know it in depth, you will be able to have a lot of ideas to create articles for that segment. This way, you will last longer in blog development until you succeed in your first year and don't fail.

2. Blog Platform : The second step is to choose the right blogging platform or CMS for you to use. There are many blogging platforms on the internet to choose from, ranging from free to paid. In this step, I would of course recommend you to use the WordPress blogging platform.

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that is free for you to use, its ease of use and many tutorials are also preferred by bloggers compared to other platforms. WordPress can be used not only to build blogs, but also to build websites with various purposes such as business websites, online store and more as you wish.

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3. Managed Services : Once you have chosen the right blogging platform, you need to find a web hosting service that specializes in hosting services that can be integrated with the blogging platform or CMS of your choice. If you use WordPress, you will find plenty of hosting services dedicated to WordPress, such as: dedicated cPanel for users, enhanced WordPress platform, automatic WordPress core updates, and one-click WordPress installation to help you easily create your own blog and Rapidly.

This hosting service is critical to the success of your blog because best hosting Your website is accessible by fast loading, and website speed is something that search engines like Google really like so you can compete in better search results.

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4. Domain Name: Don't forget to register a domain! You can choose a unique domain name that matches your blog's niche. Getting a domain name isn't difficult because when you sign up for hosting, there's an offer to buy a domain name.

If you sign up for this type of hosting Venue ground, Web pageor blue host If you want to use hosting services in Indonesia, use hosting services from such companies Niagast or IDcloudhost. You will get a free domain name for one year. Your domain name should be easy to read and remember by potential visitors, and the domain name should reflect the niche or topic of your entire blog, so choose carefully before buying a domain name for your blog, it can also be a business brand. You'll later.

5. Theme design: The theme design of your blog site should be interesting but not overly. The point is that you should look for or even buy a theme with a professional design. A blog with an attractive appearance will surely make visitors feel comfortable and remember your blog site. In blogging, articles are a major advantage, but offering an attractive and professional design will definitely add value to the blog itself.

Blogging platforms like WordPress provide users with a wealth of free themes and various designs to suit their needs, as well as many search engine friendly WordPress themes. If you're somewhat familiar with CSS, HTML, and PHP, you can even customize the template design of your choice to make it even more unique.

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If you can't find a free WordPress theme that suits your needs, it's much easier to buy a premium theme that's tested and fully functional. You can get premium themes for cheap without spending hundreds of thousands. You can see premium themes here for only 69,000 only → Cheap Premium Premium WordPress Themes.

6. Content: From now on...